From a land of contrast

How it all started

YEP – Young EVOO Producers was created in late 2016, bringing together in its formation a group of “Young” olive oil producers, whose elementary principles are based on four common denominations: Quality, Terroir, Excellence and Irreverence.

To be Young is to feel irreverence and joviality regardless of physical age, it is a state of mind that is sublimated in the existence of the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) that unites us as Producers.

We find ourselves daily in mutation, from Olive Growers to Producers, fromLabel makers to Sellers, from Promoters to Marketeers, but despite thisenormous effort, we all come together for the same passion for the land andfor a product of excellence, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This project is now in its initial phase and has a well-defined geographicalarea, the Northeast of Portugal (.NE). In the future, it is our intention to turn it into a National (.PT) project by bringing together other producers with the belief in the same common denominators.


To promote excellence in the form of YEP ́s Olive Oils, and to introduce them to the world.


To restore confidence in the Olive Oil market by providing it with quality assurance


To promote different, terroirs and cultivars making each of our Olive Oils unique in essence, but in any case subject to respect to a common set of ruling values and principles.


To remain Young by maintaining a jovial state of mind regardless of physical age, it is a state of mind that sublimates into the existence of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) that binds us all together as Producers.


To come together for the passion of the land and of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


To produce premium Olive Oil, with due respect for the roots of our Olive Groves and the hard work of our ancestors

Francisco Rocha Pires

Conceição Meneres Manso

Francisco Pavão

António Pavão

António Meneres Manso

Edgar Morais

Unrivalled taste

We enjoy together

From different backgrounds, different lives 6 people join together under the same passion. The extra virgin olive oil from Trás-os-Montes!






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