From a land of contrast, united by the passion from the land

Six Elements

Our Six Elements Blend comes from a combination from all our producers.
An harmonious and balance equilibrium to bring your palate an explosion of flavours and emotions.

Know us separately, taste us together

Taste Box

Our taste box allows you to try six different  evoo olive oils, each main reference of each House. An amazing opportunity for olive oils lovers or simply an elegant gift for a very goof friend.

How to experience YEP

So alike, so different! This kit wants to bring to you the best to meet us individually, differentiate and understand a little more about extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy!
The “Frutado” is the set of taste and sensations (retronasal olfaction) that resemble the smell and taste of fresh and healthy olives. It can be either mature or green (mild, medium or intense). The Bitter is characterized by astringency in the oral cavity. The Spicy is a tactile sensation that is denoted by little stings in the buccal cavity and throat by the action of phenolic substances; Sweet is the absence of bitter and spicy attributes.
With these 3 attributes you can also identify different sensations, aromas and flavours that can remember fruits, spices, etc., with different degrees of intensity; Keep in mind: Colour is not relevant; It is not possible to detect acidity in the mouth and olive oil does not improve over time/aging.

Pour about 15 ml of olive oil in a small
glass, preferably an official glass for olive oil

Hold the glass on the palm of your one hand, covering the top
with the other hand, so as to warm it slightly to
approximate temperature of 28ºC, thus concentrating
the smell/aroma released.
Swirl the olive oil inside the glass, covering
its internal walls

Uncover and smell immediately. Look
for scents like fresh cut grass, olive leaf,
tomato plant, almond…

Close the glass again and wait a moment. Drink a
small sip of the olive oil passing it through
the mouth cavity while breathing (through the mouth)
some air to capture the flavours and aromas via retronasal
olfaction. Finally let it go to the throat where
you will still detect some flavour. Try to identify the
intensity of sweet, bitter, spicy and remaining notes.